Reassembling the Self – 20 September 2012

REASSEMBLING THE SELF - 20 September 2012
Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
20 September – 24 November 2012
Vane, Newcastle
20 September – 20 October 2012

‘Reassembling the Self’ is an exhibition on two sites, the Hatton Gallery and Vane. Centred in a study of the condition of schizophrenia, it weaves together art, science, psychiatry and individual histories in an, exploration of self, perception and the fragility of human identity. ‘
My new works for the exhibition include a new suite of lithographs made with Stanley Jones at the Curwen Studio and Memoirs, a new film, based on a seminal text about schizophrenia, Daniel Paul Schreiber’s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness. These works stands in a suggestive dialogue with other works commissioned for the exhibition. There are paintings and drawings by two skilled artists with a schizophrenia diagnosis. Artists and scientists from Newcastle University have collaborated to create a giant dosage meter (The Compliance Appliance) which will deliver 192,000 pills – a lifetime’s supply of anti-psychotic medication – over the course of the exhibition. Sarah Blood has produced a 12 foot neon angel (with its negative partner) and Alessandro Altavilla has made an innovative audio visual work called The Loud Self.

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