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Susan Aldworth: The Portrait Anatomised (2013)

Susan Aldworth The Portrait Anatomised 1

Susan Aldworth: The Portrait Anatomised (2013) by Susan Aldworth with essays by Inge Fraser, Gill Saunders, Max Eilenberg and Jean-Pierre Lin. Numbered edition of 750 copies only. Includes 3 fold-out four-colour prints by Susan Aldworth. ISBN 9780955811326, £15.00.

Published to accompany a display at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 7 March to 1 September 2013. For more information on the display, visit the NPG website.


Also available: to order please contact

Reassembling the Self cover

Reassembling the Self: A Collection, edited by Susan Aldworth (2012). Essays by Julia Beaumont-Jones, Paul Broks and Anya Hurlbert. Catalogue published to accompany an exhibition at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle and Vane, Newcastle, September to November 2012. 68pp, four-colour throughout. ISBN 9780955811319, £15.00.

Scribing the Soul by Susan Aldworth (2008). 48pp, four-colour throughout. ISBN 9780955811302, £7.99.

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