I have always worked in a rented studio spaces until 2017 when rent increases and short leases made working life too uncertain. So I decided to build a studio in my garden. It was designed by Beni Rogers of Studio ROST to fit the needs of my art practice, and also to realise my passion for light descending from light chimneys and the black fisherman’s  huts in Hastings. It won a Hackney Design Award in 2018. It sits secretly at the back of my garden, hidden from view by a large bay hedge. It is a sanctuary, a place of imagination. This is where ideas are explored, struggled with and realised.

But I have also had the experience of working in professional print studios with master printers. I worked with the legendary Stanley Jones, master lithographer at the Curwen Studio in Cambridge in 2011 and 2013. I was the last artist to work with him before he retired. We made the Reassembling the Self suite in 2011, and the CODE suite of stone lithographs in 2013.It was one of the best collaborative experiences of my artistic life.

I met master printer Nigel Oxley when he was Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, and I was a Visiting Research Fellow in the Print Room in 2004. We have great rapport, and I have worked with Nigel ever since. Together we have realised some of my most radical prints, including Brainscapes, 2005, the groundbreaking Transience etchings printed directly from human brain tissue,2013 and the Respondences suite, 2019.