Cogito Ergo Sum 1, 2 & 3

Brain scans are precise scientific photographs but they are incomplete records of a person.

Out of Body

Out of Body comprises a series of large triptych monoprints, which explore the nature of human consciousness.


A suite of 7 etchings printed directly from human brain tissue.

Passing Thoughts

A suite of 15 archival digital prints printed directly from human brain tissue.

Traces of a Childhood

Traces of a Childhood is a suite of nine prints exploring the theme of memory and childhood.

Grief drawings

At first I thought the drawings were about the passage from life to death, but it seems they have also turned out to be about motherhood and birth too.

The Entangled Self

A suite of 8 etchings printed directly from human hair.


When I was asked to make a series of artworks about the heart for the cardiovascular unit at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust, I realised that the heart has many meanings and well-known visual representations.


Each of the Brainscapes etchings is a portrait of a patient I observed during a brain scan.

Out of the Blue – an Artist’s book

The book gives voice to those who have epilepsy, for whom it is a lived and living experience.

Out of the Blue

These cyanotypes explore, through pattern, the synchronization that develops in the brain during the build up to an epileptic episode.

Reassembling the Self

I worked with two artists with a schizophrenia diagnosis who described to me their experiences of living with the condition. I decided to make lithographic word portraits of them.

The Dark Self monoprints and Evidence of Sleep sculptures

If our brains can make the ‘self’ unconscious during sleep, then what is the relationship between the brain and our sense of self?

Deep Sleep prints

Deep sleep is an experience of nothingness but one that is full of fundamental but hidden activity. 

Respondences – A suite of prints for a Sleep Clinic

The Respondences prints start a conversation with Victor Pasmore’s 1970’s Correspondences suite.