Out of the Blue – an Artist’s book

Interrogating the brain

My Artist’s book Out of the Blue is both an archive of my research and a stand alone artwork.  It formed part of the installation Out of the Blue shown in the exhibition Illuminating the Self  at Hatton Gallery in 2020. Out of the Blue explores the lived experience of epilepsy. This book contains and archives the testimonies of 48 people living with epilepsy, and shows photographs of the work of the 106 embroiderers who responsed to these words by sewing them onto antique undergarments. The book gives voice to those who have epilepsy, for whom it is a lived and living experience, and celebrates the skill of the embroiderers. It was funded by Arts Council of England.

Out of the Blue is a limited edition Artist’s book of just 15 copies. It has a cloth debossed and silkscreened cover and contains two original cyanotypes in a pocket attached to the inside back cover. It is a large format 120 page book – the size of a family bible –  with 64 pages of photographs by Peter Abrahams alongside the full texts. It is printed on a variety of beautiful Italian papers and designed by valle walkley.

The scale and ambition of this work redefined collaborative work for me.
48 writers, 106 embroiderers, scientists, artists, designers and computer experts participated in the project.