Respondences – A suite of prints for a Sleep Clinic

Visualising sleep

I worked with master printer Nigel Oxley on this commission to make a body of work in response to Victor Pasmore’s 1970’s Correspondences suite. Nigel and I have worked together many times before, but this was different – by chance Nigel had worked on the original Correspondences suite with Pasmore at White Ink print studio in London in 1974-6. This happenstance created a very special dialogue between the two suites during the making process, and gives them a unique provenance. In Respondences: love letters to Victor I bring a feminine eye to this very particular suite of Pasmore’s work which contains both written poetry and imagery. One of the marks of my prints is to have some negative or white line that runs through them. I introduced my visual language of sleep into these works  – the texture of a pillowcase is used in some prints and my characteristic white line floats across each picture, printed from the strands of human hair. Nigel thought Victor
 would really like
that. They are responses to Pasmore’s prints; they are artistic love letters to Victor. The commission was part of an art programme to deliver an integrated art scheme to enhance the environment at the Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy’s Hospital, London, where they are on permanent display.

These prints are artistic love letters to Victor Pasmore.